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XBox Exhibition Stands used to attract crowds

Using a professional exhibition stand builder to design and create an eye-catching and unique exhibition stands is the first step to attracting potential customers to your business at exhibitions and trade shows, but to gain a real edge over the competition you may want to consider an exhibition stand attraction.

Exhibition stand attractions, which are usually in the form of a popular interactive game or a test of skill, are guaranteed to create a buzz around your exhibition stand. As long as they complement, rather than overshadow, your sales activities and your exhibition stand is well-designed and sufficiently large enough to accommodate a small crowd of visitors, exhibition stand attractions can be a valuable contributor to a company’s success at an exhibition.

The good news is that exhibition stand attractions come in all shapes and sizes which means that even small businesses can find a suitable exhibition stand attraction that will both suit their budget and boost their performance at trade shows and exhibitions.

Currently the most popular exhibition stand attraction is the Batak wall. A thoroughly engaging and totally addictive game consisting of twelve bright LED ‘targets’ spread out across a frame. The player stands in front of the wall and the targets illuminate randomly. The player must hit each target as quickly as possible as it lights up in order to score points. Player scores and times are shown on an LCD display.

Almost as popular is a giant version of the classic children’s game ‘Operation’ whereby visitors must uses a very steady hand to carefully remove ten ‘body parts’ in one minute without tripping the game’s buzzer (which additionally causes the ‘patient’s’ nose to light up red)! These attractions are perfectly designed to stimulate a competitive atmosphere as well as to entertain visitors to your exhibition stand whether they are merely watching or actually taking part.

If neither the Batak wall or ‘Operation seems to fit in with your own company’s branding or values, there are many other types of exhibition stand attractions to choose from which in many cases can be adapted and fully customised with company logos, product images and other brand elements. Other consistently-popular exhibition stand attractions include:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Fun casino games such as roulette or blackjack
  • Formula One racing simulators
  • Table football
  • Arcade games including ‘crane grabbers’ (good for giving away promotional items), retro video games and boxing, dance or skiing simulators
  • Fully-branded passport photo booths
  • Scalextric car-racing circuits

This list isn’t exhaustive; there are different exhibitions stand attractions that can be branded and used to promote virtually any kind of business.

The key to success is ensuring that you choose the most appropriate attraction for your exhibition stand. Using an experienced and professional exhibition stand builder such as Aspect Exhibitions will help to ensure that you select the exhibition stand attraction that’s best suited to your company and its image and also that the attraction is seamlessly integrated with the overall design of your exhibition stand rather than giving visitors the impression that it was hastily ‘bolted-on’ as an afterthought.

Aspect Exhibitions is happy to advise businesses on choosing exhibition stand attractions and can take care of the professional design and building of an exhibition stand which fully integrates the desired attraction; alternatively we will connect interested businesses directly with our preferred exhibition stand attraction suppliers.