A look back at the Exhibition Stands from Aspect Exhibitions

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Since 1991 Aspect Exhibitions has been Designing, Building and Installing Exhibition Stands for a wide variety of clients at venues across Europe, here we take a look back at some of the stands we have completed, from the earliest of our stands to some of the more modern ones. Over the years we have utilised a variety of different modular systems as well as designing and building bespoke exhibition stands.

Sensbey MeroForm M12 Exhibition Stand

This is the first ever exhibition stand we completed, the stand is built using the modular system MeroForm M12. The Japanese company Sensbey needed to exhibit the temperature related products that they manufacture at a UK Trade show.


This stand for True Manufacturing Group was designed in house and combines a lighting gantry system with a custom built stand to promote the selection of refrigerated products that the company offered at the time of exhibiting.

True Exhibition Stand

Meiden MeroForm M12 Exhibition Stand

This stand designed for Meiden, who manufacture High Power Inverters, Surge Arresters and a large variety of other products. This stand is 5.5 meters high, and has a raised platform section, built using the MeroForm M12 modular system and a custom built section. This is one of the tallest stands that we have produced over the years.


Crayola required an exhibition stand that would attract both children and adults as well as reflecting their brand at an Arts and Crafts exhibitions, so we produced this custom built ceiling panel and wall built using MeroForm M12 with bright inset panels so that Crayola could display their selection of products.

Crayola MeroForm M12 Exhibition Stand

ICD MeroForm M12 Exhibition Stand

ICD Marketing Services Group came to us with a requirement to have an exhibition stand that also included a meeting space, so we designed and built this stand. We used MeroForm M12 system to construct this impressive Double Decker Exhibition Stand. This provided them with a stand exhibition space as well as a more secluded meeting space on the upper floor allowing them to have meetings with potential clients.

This impressive exhibition stand for Minolta, to display their selection of printers and Imaging solutions, was built using MeroForm M12. Designed with a tunnel concept in mind.

Minolta MeroForm M12 Exhibition Stand

Sure Mobile R8 System Exhibition Stand

This exhibition stand for Sure Mobile, who operate in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, was the first time we built an exhibition stand with the R8 System. By utilising this new system we became able to design and build modular system stands that were more complex and could contain larger graphics.


This R8 System Stand for BBTradeSales was designed for the Spring Fair and allows them to promote a variety of their products using slatwalls as the panels within the R8 whilst the overhead circular banner brings the design together.

BBTradeSales R8 System Exhibition Stand

Promedics Colonnade Exhibition Stand

By utilising other solutions such as colonnade and custom built stands, we are able to offer a wider variety of design and styles. With the skills we currently have in house we are able to design and build almost anything you could want, we are truly only limited by imagination and the law of physics.