Tension Fabric Exhibition Systems: Stand Out at Your Next Exhibition

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Are you looking for an innovative up to date solution to promote your company? Do you want to impress potential customers with your style? Do you want to avoid the hassle of installing complex exhibition stands?

Northampton Borough CouncilIf so our Tension fabric exhibition system could be for you. The name may sound very technical but the concept is simple: we will design for you a structure that will wow potential customers at any exhibition, conference or event whether it be free stand or inside a shell scheme.

The major benefit of our tension fabric exhibition system is that it is very light and compact so can easily be moved from location to location, as well as stored until it is required again. The lightweight framework is rigid yet easy amazingly simple to assemble. Whilst other systems can be time consuming and painstakingly fiddly to assemble, our fabric exhibition systems can be erected in double-quick time in a painless manner.

Aside from the technical aspects of the product, there are very few limits to what you can create using this technology. It can bend, hang, wrap and take any form that you can think of. The major benefit is the images that can be put onto the final product in extremely high definition at any size, with eye-catching colours and, again, the choice of image is left to your imagination.

Strive BadgeOnce the framework is assembled the silicon keder sewn into the edge of the fabric is simply quickly tucked into a thin channel on the edge of the frame. To dismantle the graphic is simply pulled from the frame and then folded or rolled for re-use. Because the fabric fits in the frame under tension any creases simple disappear after a few hours.

If you are looking for a cost effective highly re-usable, self-build exhibition stand solution that will convey the right image to your existing and prospective client then this really is the solution for you.

As well as purchase, the system is also available on a hire basis. We can also offer storage and management for your system, graphics and literature as well as a full installation, dismantling and transportation service for all UK and European shows should it be required.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how our Tension Fabric Exhibition System can work for you.