High impact solutions for your next event

Tecna T3 Exhibition Stands & Systems

High impact solutions for your next event

Tecna T3 tension fabric display system

The Tecna T3 display system is the perfect solution for many exhibition display applications. It’s probably the most versatile and easy to use tension fabric display stands currently available.

Tecna T3 works perfectly well as a standard tension fabric system. It can also be combined with rollable graphic panels to create fully modular display systems. Tecna’s huge flexibility makes it a popular alternative to traditional exhibition stands.

A tension fabric system that can do almost anything

The beauty of Tecna T3 is its simplicity. The system consists of aluminium beams and connectors that easily lock together. Yet these basic parts can be assembled in unlimited ways to create any kind of exhibition display or accessory.

This means that Tecna can be used to create large-scale conference sets, stunning tension fabric exhibition stands, and high impact retail displays. Elements such as towers or double sided graphics walls can easily be added to a T3 exhibition stand. These can be either integrated or free standing.

The strength of this display system means that it can support TV and projector screens. Shelving, rigid panels, and display cabinets can all be safely incorporated too. On a smaller scale, Tecna T3 can also be used to make reception desks, counters, plinths, and information displays. In fact, the options to build useful exhibition items are virtually unlimited.

Enhance your shell scheme with superb fabric graphics

The T3 display system does more than create great exhibition stands and retail displays. It can also be used to provide eye-catching fabric graphics and cladding for shell scheme stands.
T3 Tecna is quick to set up within a shell scheme, thanks to its easy ‘twist and lock’ connectivity. Yet adding fabric displays in this way can really boost your presence at trade shows.
Improving a basic shell scheme with Tecna is a smart way to set your exhibition display apart from the crowd.

Tecna T3: the perfect self-build exhibition stand solution

The T3 display system is easily transportable, compact and simple to assemble. This makes it ideal for exhibitors who prefer to self-build their exhibition display stands.

Tension fabric exhibition stands give a more professional impression than, for example, pop-up displays. They can be further enhanced with LED lightboxes. Eye-catching illuminated displays add a touch of ‘rock and roll’ to your T3 stand!

Tecna T3 for Sale or Hire

We have large stocks of the Tecna tension fabric display system for hire and can also supply T3 for sale. If you only exhibit at trade shows once or twice a year, hiring Tecna T3 kit makes sense. If you’ll use a T3 stand more frequently it’s probably wiser to buy your own system.

We’re often asked how much a T3 exhibition stand is likely to cost. Naturally, this will vary depending on your needs. However, to give you an idea, a 3m x 3m shell scheme cladding solution (two walls) would cost around £2200.00 + VAT. This would include the Tecna T3 framework, tension fabric graphics, exhibition lighting and a wheeled flight case for transport.

Complete support for your T3 display system

If you buy Tecna T3 tension fabric display system from us we can offer you full training. This can take place either at our premises or yours. Training can be really useful if you are new to fabric systems. It also allows you to check that you’ve got everything you need for your perfect T3 stand.

As a full service exhibition stand contractor we can also provide you with a turnkey exhibition stand management and logistics service. From years of experience in trade shows, we know the importance of having your stand ready on time, every time.

We believe a Tecna fabric exhibition stand is the ideal self-build solution. That said, we can expertly set it up and take it down for you if preferred. This may be desirable if your exhibition display is particularly large or complex. We can securely transport your tension fabric display system to and from the exhibition venue. We’ll professionally install it for you so it’s ready when the show opens. We’ll even store it safely for you between events if needed.

We can also take delivery of, and manage, your literature, exhibition giveaways, and even your precious exhibits. We’ll maintain stock levels and ensure that everything you need for a successful event is ready before you arrive.

Contact us about the Tecna T3 tension fabric system

Some of our clients find that T3 stands are an excellent alternative to traditional exhibition stands. Even with a modular display system that could fit inside a small camper van, T3 Tecna offers endless possibilities.

If any questions about the benefits of using tension fabric pop into your head, feel free to ask us! We know this system inside-out. We can help you with all aspects of building tension fabric exhibition stands and retail displays.

We also have T3 for sale and for hire, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We’ll happily provide a free, no-obligation quotation too.

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