Meroform System

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Meroform M12 System

Inspired by the simplicity and durability of structures found in the natural world, Mero’s Meroform M12 exhibition stand and display construction system is based upon the concept of interconnecting tubes and ball-like nodes. Whilst uncomplicated in principle the Meroform M12 system allows for the creation of anything from simple to highly elaborate display structures via the use of standard components.

The use of steel and aluminium components, combined with economy of structure, means that exhibition stands and displays created with the Meroform M12 System are lightweight but extremely durable and possess impressive load-bearing capacity.

Mero’s ambition to achieve maximum practicality and versatility with the use of as few components as possible is perfectly demonstrated by the Meroform M12 system. Despite its simplicity, the system provides the performance and versatility to enable the creation of structures such as decorative spaceframe ceilings, lighting towers and gantries, exhibition plinths, podiums and trade show, conference and exhibition stands and displays that can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

The flexibility of Mero’s M12 exhibition stand system extends to the variety of cladding options it offers. When combined with the versatility and stability of the Meroform M12 system these cladding solutions provide truly stunning results whether used for exhibition walling, towers or spaceframe ceilings. The M12 system’s panel cladding connectors allow for the attachment of a wide selection of materials include acrylic, polycarbonates, laminated panels, printed Foamex and glass.

Mero’s latest development of the M12 system is to free it from the restriction of regular-geometrical design which has, in the past, limited the creative capabilities of space-frame construction systems. The Meroform M12 system now enables the easy creation of ‘biomorphic structures’ – entirely freeform constructions that can feature natural, flowing curves or spheres, be membrane-clad and which offer an infinite range of design possibilities.

With possibly the largest stock of chrome steel Meroform tubes in the UK and more than twenty five years’ experience designing and installing the Meroform M12 system, Aspect Exhibitions has the experience and expertise to ensure that your M12 exhibition stand or display project is a success. To find out how we can help you, please call us on 01604 864999.

Other Products

An R8 System exhibition stand for Qinetiq

R8 System

The R8 System utilises supports and frames of varying lengths that give an almost infinite variety of designs that can be achieved. To further enhance the R8 Systems already impressive performance curved components are also available, the integration of curved elements into the design process ensures that the possibilities for exciting and unique exhibition stands are endless.

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A colonnade exhibition stand for Bourne Shoes

Colonnade Exhibition Stands

Colonnade is our solution for the long standing problem of a custom built exhibition stand that genuinely offers all of the flexibility of a good modular exhibition stand. Colonnade is produced in-house on our CNC machine and designed so that it will precisely fit any sized space whether it be an exhibition stand for a space only site or an exhibition stand to fit inside a shell scheme.

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A lighting gantry exhibition stand for NHS

Lighting Gantry

If you are looking for an effective and eye-catching solution for your next exhibition stand then we would thoroughly recommend one of our lighting gantry systems.
Ideal for exhibitors wishing to display larger items we have used our lighting gantry to display a wide range of products including cars, motorcycles, boats, large monitor speakers, caravans, trucks, mobility scooters, air conditioning units, toys and access equipment to name but a few. Lighting gantry is versatile enough to be used on non-product based stands and has been used to effectively promote the services of insurance companies, letting agents and telecoms companies.

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A tension fabric exhibition stand for AllTech

Tension Fabric

Tension Fabric is a relatively new and revolutionary solution for the construction of exhibition stands. Consisting of an extruded aluminium system and a high quality printed fabrics, the end result is a seamless and stunning solution for your next exhibition stand, something that many companies struggle to achieve.

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