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The R8 Exhibition System


Aspect Exhibitions carries a range of modular systems. Our most popular is the German made R8 exhibition system. We’ve built reusable exhibitions stands with R8 System for over 25 years. In fact, it accounts for about 70% of all of our exhibition design work.

Like the original Octanorm system the R8 system is a simple yet versatile portable display system. It features high quality aluminium components. These lock together to create custom exhibition stands.

The R8 exhibition system lends itself to many uses.  It’s an ideal solution for exhibition stands and trade show displays. However, it can also be used to create many other exhibits. These include exhibition walls, exhibition display plinths and even exhibition reception desks!

R8 for retail displays

R8 allows you to build stunning retail display units. Whatever your design ideas for shopping centre displays or factory showroom displays, the R8 exhibition system brings them to life.

An Octanorm system style exhibition stand for Software Europe at the HMFA Conference, London.
A modular exhibition stand for Rothenburger at Installer Live exhibition at the RICOH Arena, Coventry.

How the R8 exhibition system works

The basic R8 system is made up of vertical supports and horizontal frames. Made from high quality aluminium, these come in a variety of lengths. They easily slot together and lock into place. It’s as simple as that.

A variety of curved components can be added in. As a result the R8 exhibition system gives you endless exhibition stand design possibilities.

A wide range of infill panel options can further enhance your exhibition stand design. R8 easily takes plain or printed ‘Foamex’ panels.

However, it works just as well with other types of panel. We’ve used polycarbonates, metals, wood, slatwall, printed PVC and printed fabrics with R8 exhibition systems.

Benefits of using the R8 Exhibition System

Using R8 System to build exhibition stands and trade show displays gives lots of benefits. It’s versatile and greatAn aluminium system stand for FAVF at the Tow Show at the Telford International Centre for
creating eye catching exhibits.

Yet R8 is very quick to set up and take down.  This cuts installation times and costs.

R8 is fully compatible with the market-leading Octanorm system.  Like Octanorm, the R8 System is perfect for building reusable exhibition stands.

It’s suitable for any size of exhibition space. No matter if it’s a small 3m x 2m trade show display or a large double deck structure.

The R8 exhibition system is good for the environment too.  It’s made of high quality aluminium; a metal that is highly
recyclable. Every component is reusable. That means reusable exhibition stands, show after show.  R8 even cuts your carbon footprint. Its lightweight parts pack down into a compact space. Smaller size means smaller transport. This means lower transport costs for you.

To sum up, the R8 System is just like the Octanorm system but more cost effective. Do you normally hire Octanorm exhibition stands? Or are you looking for something very similar to an Octanorm system? The R8 system might be just what you need.

Get the R8 Exhibition System from Aspect Exhibitions

R8 is one of three aluminium exhibition stand systems we stock.  We keep a huge supply of R8 exhibition system components for sale or hire.  This includes probably the UK’s largest choice of curved components.

We offer R8 systems on the basis of either:

  • Design, hire and build
  • Design, sale and build, or
  • Design, sale and self-install

R8 is almost identical to, and compatible with, the Octanorm System.

Need a quote for hiring or buying an R8 aluminium exhibition stand?

Please don’t wait to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help.

Looking for something else?

We have more exhibition system solutions in stock than any UK competitor.

As well as the R8 exhibition system, we can provide:

  • Lighting gantry and lighting truss
  • Tension fabric exhibition stands
  • the original Meroform M12 system
  • the Meroform M6 system and Exhibition domes, and
    our own custom Colonnade system

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