Eye catching and flexible exhibitions system solutions from stock

Tension Fabric Systems UK

Eye catching and flexible exhibitions system solutions from stock

What are Modular Stands?

Modular is a generic term for any exhibition stand that is created from pre-manufactured components, the term is generally applied to stands that can be easily and quickly built and dismantled many times without detriment to the components.

A good stand will be constructed from components that allow it to cope with any sized stand space without the need for “specials”.

What are the benefits?

A good system will be easy to assemble with a minimum number of tools and will cope with any stand size. Re-usability and reduced installation times are usually the key reasons for choosing a modular stand over a custom built exhibition stand.

Hire or Sale

Unlike many of our competitors we stock numerous exhibition systems and so will never try and push you towards something that suits us, we have over twenty five years’ genuine experience and over eighty years combined experience in working with modular systems and know which system will work best for you and whether you should hire or buy or lease.

Systems we have available for hire, purchase or lease include, but are not limited to, the following:


For further information, advice or a competitive quotation on any of the above systems please feel free to contact us on 01604 8644 999 or email [email protected]


R8 System

The R8 System is the classic aluminium system for the construction or of both simple and complex exhibition stands and displays. Produced by Surrey-based German manufacturer Mero, the innovative R8 system features robust vertical and horizontal…


Colonnade Exhibition Stands

Colonnade is our solution for the long standing problem of a custom built exhibition stand that genuinely offers all of the modularity of a good stand. Colonnade is produced in-house on our CNC machine and designed so that it will precisely fit…

Premier Nutrition

Meroform System

Inspired by the simplicity and durability of structures found in the natural world, Mero’s M12 exhibition stand and display construction system is based upon the concept of interconnecting tubes and ball-like nodes. Whilst uncomplicated in principle the M12…


Lighting Gantry

Ideal for exhibitors wishing to display larger items we have used our lighting gantry to display a wide range of products including cars, motorcycles, boats, large monitor speakers, caravans, trucks, mobility scooters, air conditioning units, toys and…

Tower Gate
Car to Trade

Tension Fabric

We were one of the first exhibition companies in the UK to invest in and supply, on hire, a truly modular, tension fabric system. Tension Fabric is a relatively new and revolutionary solution for the construction of exhibition stands…


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